Wine glass Hermes 470

Refined with crystals from Swarovski®

Wine glass Hermes

Customize your message in exclusive design

Keep your wine glass with grace and elegance. You will feel the wreath of noble Swarovski® crystals surrounding your wine.If you raise your hand and point the glass towards your mouth, you will experience a play of light and colors. Whether near the fireplace, in the glow of the setting sun or in the glow of the lantern lighting at the summer festival, it is your solemn occasion. Enjoy your wine alone, in togetherness or in the midst of like-minded people, your palate will understand the message of Hermes, the Göterbote.


Overview Wine glass HERMES 470 - all around decorated

  • High quality made of Czech crystal glass in the Czech Republic
  • completely hand-decorated with about 395 cut Swarovski® stones
  • a perfect gift for a special occasion
  • an aesthetic vitreous body that convinces on solemn matters
  • appreciated by wine lovers and created for special occasions

Properties and use

The Bohemian Grace wine glass HERMES comes from the production plants in the Czech Republic. There, made of high-quality crystal glass and the special design, the Hermes wine glass is poured. An outstanding feature is the shape of the glass body, which bulges outwards in the middle. At the same time, the high style creates a certain contrast that conveys lightness. This effect is further elaborated and emphasized in the refining process. Approximately 395 exquisite Swarovski® crystals frame the middle section of the glass. In the upper and lower course, the gently flowing hand ornament creates a harmonious overall picture.

You will receive with the order a set of two crystal glasses. In these wine glasses with 470 ml capacity: Red wine, white wine or a light, sparkling Prosecco. Whether as an exclusive gift or as part of a collection of values, the wine glass HERMES sets harmonious accents.

Handling - care instructions

You acquire two high-quality and delicate wine glasses from the Bohemian Grace collection with the described crystal glass HERMES. Therefore, please carefully clean the product by hand with a soft sponge and lukewarm water. The product is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning and not for serving hot drinks. Carefully treat the exclusive crystal glass and protect the glass from bumps.




Hand decorated glass with Swarovski crystals

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Product photos / packaging

Even the packaging is a commitment to exclusivity and protects the glasses finished with Swarovski® crystals for shipping.So they are excellently prepared to present as an unforgettable gift for the special moment.

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