Wine glass Dionisus

Refined with crystals from Swarovski®

Wine glass Dionisus 480

A masterpiece of glass art for the creative spirit of creation

The vernissage with images of traditional professions should illustrate the guests the contrast between the modern and the past. For visual clarity, all works are displayed in monochrome illumination. Clear forms, concise edges and a low density of motifs are intended to emphasize the handwriting of the participating artists. For the workshop discussion and the expert discussion of the guests with the artists small regional delicacies and suitable wines are served. To ensure that the overall picture of the exhibition is also passed on to culinary delights, dishes and wine glasses are also intended to create a contrast between tradition and modern design.


The crystal glass DIONISUS presents itself with a concise design of selected crystals from Swarovski®. The motif looks like a floating border - brilliance that gives your wine a contemporary frame. Enjoy a full-bodied red wine or sparkling champagne cocktails such as an Aperol Spritz from this 350 ml glass wine.


Overview Wine glass DIONISUS 350 ml

  • expressive work of quality of Bohemian glass art
  • produced in the Czech Republic
  • high-quality scene with about 175 cut Swarovski® stones
  • the ideal choice of glass for exhibitions, receptions, fine dining or personal artistic expression


Properties and use

The basis for our wine glass DIONISUS is the simple design of a classic tall wine glass with 350 ml capacity. The Bohemian crystal glass is cast in the Czech Republic and prepared for further refinement. This is executed in elaborate handwork, about 175 selected Swarovski® crystals adorn the glass surface. The concise design contrasts with the simple form of the crystal glass.


Choose from a 2-piece glass set or a 6-piece glass set. The DIONISUS wine glass is inspiring in a creative environment, supports communicative occasions and, thanks to the contrasting style, provides an invigorating scene.


Handling - care instructions

The 350 ml DIONISUS crystal glass is a precious design piece. Gently clean the wine glass using mild detergents. Rinse the glass with warm water and a soft sponge. The glass is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.




Hand decorated glass with Swarovski crystals

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  • Ships within 5-10 days1


Even the packaging is a commitment to exclusivity and protects the glasses finished with Swarovski® crystals for shipping. So they are excellently prepared to present as an unforgettable gift for the special moment.

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