Wine & spirits

Give your guests pure wine

To take life with all its facets, to celebrate pleasure and to preserve unforgettable moments, we would like to introduce you to this consciousness with our crystal glasses for wine and spirits. Treat yourself to noticeable quality and exclusive lifestyle, giving your special events the expression you desire.

Indulge your guests with an exceptional design. Serve your favorite wine in radiantly beautiful crystal glasses and look forward to the enthusiasm that your sparkling vessels produce. This face is the result of a harmonious combination. Czech glass meets a finish with Swarovski® crystals. Some of our glasses for wine and spirits are decorated with hundreds of exquisite Swarovski® stones. You will see, feel and ultimately taste this extra finishing.

Overview of our crystal glasses for wine and spirits

  • High quality made of Czech crystal glass in the Czech Republic
  • Hand-decorated glass surfaces with numerous cut Swarovski® stones
  • Our glasses are the perfect gift for exceptional occasions such as birthdays, weddings, receptions or business events
  • our wine glasses impress with their aesthetic design and exclusive design
  • appreciated by wine lovers, suitable for: red wine, white wine, rosé wine, prosecco, beer and liqueur

Properties and use

Bohemian Grace crystal glasses for wine and spirits are produced in the Czech Republic. There, the world-famous Bohemian glass is processed. We attach great importance to excellent quality, so we also pay attention to tested standardized production processes. The glass products of Bohemian Grace are refined and individualized in a further processing step. Selected Swarovski® crystals are applied by hand to the glass. The result is fantastic designs that are perfect for your personal use.

Discover on the individual product pages your favorite design from our wine glasses. Depending on the model and design, you have the choice of ordering different quantities.


Instructions for handling and glass care

The crystal glasses from the Bohemian Grace collection for wine and spirits correspond to the highest quality and traditional manufacturing techniques. Also with regard to the finishing with ground Swarovski® stones, a careful handling is necessary.Our glasses for wine, beer and liqueur are not suitable for dishwashing and not for serving hot drinks. Use only mild detergents and warm water when rinsing. Protect your exclusive crystal glass from bumps and improper handling.