Vase Titan

Refined with crystals from Swarovski®

Vase Titan

Eyes fixed on the magical

The short break last weekend was just the thing. Just switch off from everyday mode and have a good time. We left right after work on Friday and arrived in the idyllic country hotel towards evening. It was a converted estate with lots of timber and countless playful details. The staff greeted us warmly and took us to our room courteously. The decor was a successful combination of old reclaimed wood furniture with modern bright accents.


What struck directly was the antique bureau, on which stood a beautiful crystal glass vase with fresh colorful flowers. Beautifully clear and simple but with that certain something, this accessory made of high-quality glass gave the room a soul. The special feature of the design was a playful wreath of Swarovski® crystals. Due to the central position, the vase did not seem too powerful, but transparent and slightly sparkling. How hospitably this vase welcomed us in this way and contributed to a wonderful weekend. So it is often the little things that almost invisibly fit the big picture but are of great importance and effect.


Overview vase TITAN 300

  • shapely vase made of crystal glass
  • carefully made in the Czech Republic
  • equipped with about 180 crystal clear stones from Swarovski®
  • filigree essence by a subtle trumpet form
  • 1300 ml capacity
  • 30 cm in size
  • 1015 g weight
  • Exclusive crystal glass for a invigorating living ambience also suitable as a high-quality gift for the wedding and other special occasions



Properties and use

The gentle trumpet shape gives this vase a light and delicate character. At the same time it keeps the flowers on the stems, the individual stems can spread upwards with the flowers. At the narrowest point, the floating cast of Swarovski® crystals gives it an exceptional and exclusive accent.


With a capacity of 1300 ml, the crystal vase TITAN 300 is suitable for single long-stemmed flowers as well as for opulent flower bouquets. Order the selected crystal vessel and you will receive a noble and safe packaging, which you can also use for storage.


Handling - care instructions

With the TITAN 300 vase, you can buy an exclusive product from the traditional Bohemian glass production. After use, clean the vase only with water and gentle detergents. The vase is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.




Elegant vase made of crystal glass

Hand decorated glass with Swarovski crystals

Vase with 1300 ml capacity
Big size 30cm

79,00 €

  • 1,6 kg
  • Ships within 5-10 days1


Even the packaging is a commitment to exclusivity and protects the glasses finished with Swarovski® crystals for shipping. So they are excellently prepared to present as an unforgettable gift for the special moment.

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