A refreshment as a sign of welcome

Hospitality is an expression of caring, accommodating and kindness. By hosting, we welcome other people in our own environment. This behavior contributes significantly to a confidence-building, open mood.

With our exclusive trinkets, you reaffirm your pleasure in offering something to other people. Add fresh spring water to your thirst, or fruity juices and mixed drinks for a tasty treat. Whether in private and intimate surroundings or for a business meeting, our pitchers and the matching glasses of Bohemian crystal glass will generate positive feedback and leave the best impression on your hospitality. Choose your own desired design and discover the special design with selected Swarovski® stones.


Overview of our drinking sets consisting of pitcher and glasses.

  • exclusive drinking vessels made of Bohemian crystal glass
  • produced in the Czech Republic
  • Sets consist of a 1500 ml jug and two 300 ml jars (may differ depending on the model)
  • Hand-decorated glass surfaces with numerous selected Swarovski® stones
  • Our drinking sets are perfect as a gift or for the hospitality of welcome guests

Properties and use

The Bohemian drinking sets each contain a 1500 ml crystal glass pitcher and two 300 ml crystal glasses in matching design. Production takes place in the Czech Republic using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. You have the choice of different shapes and designs. Decisive for the character design is the individual finishing with selected Swarovski® stones. These are carefully placed on the glass surface and connected to the crystal glass. The respective pattern continues on all vessels.

In our Drink Sets category you will find a selection of high quality finishes. Choose from modern and classic variants and be enchanted by the harmonious patterns of Swarovski® crystals.


Instructions for handling and proper care

Do not fill jug and glasses with hot drinks with cool drinks. Pay attention to careful transport and careful use. Clean the crystal glassware only with gentle detergents under warm water. Glass pitcher and crystal glasses are not intended for dishwasher cleaning.