Champagne glass Venus Heart

Refined with crystals from Swarovski®

Champagne glass Venus Heart 190ml

The signs of love and sensuality

As nourishing and fulfilling as the nectar from calyxes, sparkling wine or champagne teaspoured from our crystal glasses Venus Heart. Modeled on a fertile flower, the glass body offers the pleasure of tasting and delights. The chalice is carried by a sparkling bow filled with Swarovski® crystals. When two glasses combine to make each other happy, then the brilliance of two halves ends in a symbolic heart. For some, the sound of bumping sounds like bells ringing, for others it sounds like the keynote of an ongoing song. Immerse yourself in this tune, raise your voice to a song, or whisper warm words to each other.


Overview Champagne glass VENUS HEART

  • high-quality champagne and champagne glasses, originating from traditional Bohemian glass craftsmanship
  • Crystal glass with 190 ml capacity
  • exclusive handmade of the molded glass style with precious Swarovski® crystals
  • ideal as a gift and for shared moments, for celebrations such as the wedding or for special occasions


Properties and use

The creative and dedicated design of the glass style is playful and distinctive in a single glass. It looks as if the goblet is supported by a graceful bow. The style surface filigree with Swarovski® crystals appears valuable and noble. Like the interpretation of a work of art, the picture then gives a new meaning when the individual parts unite. Two Venus Heart champagne and champagne glasses create a common heart, which magically combines in the glow of the gems and the glow of the drink.


The noble glass is made in bohemian craftsmanship. For this, the wafer-thin glass pieces are cast in precise coordination with the extraordinary styles and later refined. This hand-done process describes placing selected and selected Swarovski® crystals on the prepared glass. You can order our champagne and champagne glass Venus Heart  as a 2-set, 4-set or as a 6-set.


Handling - care instructions

To ensure that the exclusive containers arrive safely, we pack each jar in a custom-made packaging. The glasses are suitable for the consumption of cold drinks, for hot drinks, however, not. When it comes to glass care, it is important to use only warm water, gentle detergents and soft cloths or rinse sponges. The champagne glasses are only intended for manual cleaning.




Hand decorated glass with Swarovski crystals

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Product photos & packaging

Even the packaging is a commitment to exclusivity and protects the glasses finished with Swarovski® crystals for shipping. So they are excellently prepared to present as an unforgettable gift for the special moment.

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