Champagne glass Penelope

Refined with crystals from Swarovski®

Champagne glass Penelope

Between a moment and eternity lies life. Poke on this precious gift.

Sometimes it literally bubbles out of one: the joy and the zest for life, the courage and the fun in life. Dancing and laughing, you want to embrace the world and stop time. These moments are precious and unique, but they can not be grasped or controlled as desired. At a celebration and in the middle of the action, the individual people are like the sparkling mood of a champagne, the foaming of a vintage sparkling wine or the inspiring lightness of a sparkling prosecco. Maybe it's the rising pearls of the crystal glass that dissolve with an invisible magic and turn the air into a lavish feast. Follow the magic of the moment.


Overview Champagne glass PENELOPE

  • classic, perfectly formed champagne flute meets striking diamond cut
  • for 190 ml of noble sparkling wine, sparkling champagne or sparkling Prosecco
  • made from the finest Bohemian crystal glass
  • exceptionally refined glass style with hand-picked crystals from Swarovski®
  • the exciting gift for special occasions and as a noble drinking vessel for celebrations and parties


Properties and use

It almost seems as if the sparkling spirit of your favorite champagne, champagne or prosecco is captured forever in the extraordinary glass style. The inimitable sparkle of crystal symbolizes the sparkle and pearls of a sparkling wine. The style passes on the swinging character to the person who gently weighs the glass in his hands and tastes the drink.


In order to duly express the precious value of such moments, we have decided to grind and shape the glass bottom of the champagne glass Penelope in much the same way as a diamond. The typical edges give the glass a clear, timeless design, while contrasting with the harmonious shape of the glass body. The glass style is the outstanding link between soil and body. It combines the harmony and radiance of a noble crystal glass. Selected crystals of Swarovski® crystals were selected and incorporated into the foam wine glass.


Handling - care instructions

You get your crystal glass in a noble and safe shipping box. The dense foam protects the glass from improper exposure. Use gentle cleansers and soft textiles for cleaning. Rinse the shiny crystal glasses of Bohemian Grace with warm water and by hand. Serve with a champagne glass just cold drinks.




Hand decorated glass with Swarovski crystals

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Product photos & packaging

Even the packaging is a commitment to exclusivity and protects the glasses finished with Swarovski® crystals for shipping. So they are excellently prepared to present as an unforgettable gift for the special moment.

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