Sparkling wine & champagne

Your special occasion deserves an exclusive champagne glass

Whether sparkling wine, champagne or prosecco, enjoy the sparkling experience. A sparkling wine is the perfect choice if you want to toast a success or occasion to enjoy. Celebrate opening the bottle and pop the corks. Fill the glasses and toast with all friends.

We put ourselves in your position, understand your reason for joy and wish you the best for your event. A sip of champagne or champagne is a sensual experience, so it should be initiated befittingly. The champagne glass is the bearer of the good news, the good news tastes of a Bohemian Grace crystal just as good - try it out. We attribute the reason for our conviction to the use of the finest Bohemian glass and the additional finishing with selected Swarovski® crystal stones. The designs of the champagne flutes are varied and suitable for your own personal taste.

6 in one go

6 in one

6 champagne glasses in one package Tethys, Hera, Maia, Gaia, Rhea, Metta at package price

399,00 €

  • Ships within 2-4 days1

Overview champagne and champagne glasses

  • high quality champagne flutes with 200 ml capacity, made in the Czech Republic
  • harmonious design of forms and transitions
  • depending on the design, richly decorated with selected Swarovski® stones
  • Bohemian Grace champagne flutes are the perfect gift for exceptional occasions such as birthdays, weddings, receptions or business events
  • ideally suited for: bubbly sparkling wine, noble champagne or sparkling Prosecco
  • depending on model and design, individualization with personal engraving possible

Properties and use

Our crystal glasses for champagne and champagne come from the Bohemian glass processing. We combine this traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing processes in the Czech Republic. Through this process, we are able to provide consistent quality. An outstanding feature of the Bohemian Grace champagne flutes is the extraordinary surface design. We succeed by a very precise and time-consuming finishing. We achieve our individual design by placing selected Swarovski® crystals.

Find your matching champagne flutes and champagne glasses on the following pages. Depending on the model and design you have the choice to order different quantities for your needs.


Handling - Care instructions

Our sparkling wine glasses are exclusive brands of Bohemian crystal glass tradition. Avoid improper transport and hard bumps. The glasses should only be cleaned by hand, with warm water, a soft sponge and mild detergents. The crystal glasses are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning and not for hot drinks.