We combine a high-quality production with your personal emotions

As you look at our product images, you will see the grace and brilliance of the different crystal glasses. Whether filigree champagne flutes, noble champagne glasses or crystal vessels for different wines, we attach great importance to quality and exclusive workmanship. It is important to us that you experience and remember your special moments with the greatest satisfaction. Bohemian Grace fully meets these requirements. You will see, we are not afraid to prove the glass quality under exceptional conditions.


From the origin

The starting point of our noble crystal vessels goes far into the past, back to the 13th century. Later, between the 17th and 19th centuries, the first large glassworks were founded in Bohemia. The Czech spas attracted a lot of attention that even then went far beyond the borders of the country. The Bohemian crystal, world famous today, is based on a long-standing tradition. The production of glass products from the Czech Republic still enjoys the best reputation today. With Bohemian Grace you acquire glass art of the highest quality, which is also appreciated by the export in over 70 countries.


About the modern age

Today's advanced technology encompasses both large and flexible productions, and thus opportunities to align with specific customer requirements. The mechanical production and a comprehensive quality management lead to a consistently high quality of the crystal glass. Bohemian crystal glass also differs in the use of certain raw materials from other glass productions, which include, for example, lead compounds. Compliance with the physical and chemical properties is extremely important, also to ensure the health requirements. The glass manufacturers of Bohemian Grace are in possession of the "Certificate of Conformance" that confirms compliance with the different provisions.

Until the refining

Swarovski Kristall

The crystal glass production also corresponds to the provision of the right body. The following refinement breathes this shell the sensual soul. As the name Bohemian Grace already implies, "Grace" stands for the grace and delicacy of exceptional designs. For this, depending on the individual glass, selected crystals of Swarovski® are applied to the glass. Our wine glass Poseidon is filled with about 890 Swarovski® stones. This finishing is done entirely in careful handwork, which is another indication of the high quality of our glass products. You will see the brilliance and, above all, feel it.


Love is in the air

Helikopterflug mit Sektempfang

We not only sell exclusive glasses of different categories, but we want to make your personal experience possible. We also try to achieve this goal in an admittedly not everyday way. The champagne glasses from our "in-love collection" are put to the test. The helicopter goes far beyond the ground. At lofty heights and in the midst of a breathtaking backdrop, couples in love enjoy their togetherness and toast their love and their future together with a glass of champagne. Thus, in a sense, we contribute our small part to the love of happiness and are witness to very special events.


While in love people even get engaged in such an emotional situation and toast with our crystal glasses, we also give you our word - a promise so to speak: Bohemian Grace will also be happy to provide the right glass for your personal experience. Feel free to contact us at any time.