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Our story is really high

Where can an extraordinary idea be better born, developed and implemented than in a very special place? Why have something only clear in mind, when seeing crystal clear also means feeling and thus addresses several senses? Why go with a project only on the way, if it should go up high? What may sound a bit off-beat, literally describes our story with Bohemian Grace.


Feeling like in seventh heaven

Imagine, you want to express your love in a very unusual way, this is best done through an emotional message. Whether you feel butterflies in your stomach, your affections are boundless and open to the sky, your love inspires you. You may simply want to thank your partner for their unconditional support. Together, problems no longer seem big, hurdles can be better overcome together and climb the summit. Show your great love that what lies behind you, is small and for the future is boundless big. Would a place of such symbolic power not be the ideal time for a marriage proposal at the same time?

With Helicopter Flight.ch, the Swiss company of Mario Lang has dedicated itself to this task of creating unforgettable experiences for other people in the air. High up in the sky, as a small component of breathtaking panoramas, longings and dreams combine to make palpitations and feelings of happiness. And so it often happens that Mario Lang and his team not only offer helicopter tours, but also take care of heart matters and love messages. The seven cloud is just a popular target.


The treasure chest - A surprise box becomes a separate company

Love is known to be through the stomach and an intimate moment of togetherness is the best reason to toast the common happiness. In order to round off the culinary experience for the passengers, a special surprise box was developed. This includes small snacks and an exclusive champagne set including matching crystal glasses. The special feature of these champagne glasses is the message that hits the heart of the heart thanks to the glass finishing with Swarovski® crystals.

"This idea was so well received by our customers that the love roundtrip with the noble sparkling wine box has since become one of the most popular offers," says Mario Lang. And so closes the circle of passion for flying and the seeming symbol of love. A new chapter will be opened. "On the basis of our flights and the direct reactions of our passengers, we were able to develop an independent and new offer". The sister of Mario Lang, Caroline Sidler cares and revives this business for exclusive moments of pleasure.


Our offer for your personal experiences

The crystal glasses from Bohemian Grace are characterized by the high quality and the noble design with decorative stones by Swarovski®. Our drinking vessels are an ideal gift for special occasions such as: weddings, birthdays and anniversary events, for celebrations and parties or as an exclusive giveaway and for hosting in meetings and conversations with customers.

You are wine or champagne lovers and looking for high quality and exceptional crystal glass? We are pleased to offer you our assortment of fine glass products. Be inspired in our categories for wine, sparkling wine and other spirits. Experience the signature of Bohemian Grace - the pen for your personal experience stories.


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The crystal glasses by Bohemian Grace are an expression of special moments and unforgettable experiences. Are you already planning your personal event and are looking for an exclusive gift? With your choice for our collections you show your appreciation towards the person to be gifted as well as sense and taste for Bohemian glass craftsmanship and graceful design.

Do you have any questions about our glasses, do you need support or further information? We look forward to your call or message via the contact form. Thanks to SSL encryption, your data remains protected at all times, your requests are of course treated confidentially.